Teddy Tip 1:

Your TL nails can be filed and re-shaped to give the optimum fit, length and size to your natural nail. Too long – not a problem, simply trim the length to suit using a nail clipper and file to a smooth finish. Note that filing Special finishes may damage the edges.

Teddy Tip 2:

We recommend avoiding water for the first hour once you have glued your TL nails on. This will help to extend the wear time and protects against any water getting under the TL nail before the glue has cured completely.

Teddy Tip 3

Only glue the TL Nail where it will adhere to your natural nail. Do not apply glue right to the end of the tip as this will make it hard to hold onto when pressing on and could lead to glue being transferred onto your fingers.

For 1-3 days wear

Teddy Tip 4

For a shorter wear time, place a small dot or line of our non-damaging glue onto your TL nail, wait 6 seconds for the glue to get tacky, then press and hold on your natural nail as per our normal application process. The less glue applied, the shorter the wear time – simple as that!

For 10 days + wear

Teddy Tip 5:

For longer wear time, ensure you place a generous amount of our non-damaging glue on the back of the TL nail and even a thin layer of glue to your natural nail. Wait 6 seconds, apply, press and hold for 15-20 seconds!

Teddy Tip 6

To ensure sturdy wear, when pressing on your TL nails be sure to leave no air bubbles underneath the nail where the seal of glue can break prematurely and moisture can get in.

Teddy Tip 7

When pressing and holding your TL nail onto your natural nail it’s a good idea keep your finger away from the edges to avoid any glue transferring onto the top of your TL nail. If you do get glue spillage, simply wipe off excess with a tissue or cotton bud.

Teddy Tip 8

Our reusable nails can be re-applied with extra glue at any time once they pop off! Simply reapply the glue as normal to the TL nail and place an extra pea-sized dot of glue onto your natural nail to do the trick. It’s great to keep the glue in your handbag in case one pops off!

Teddy Tip 9

If you have over glued the nails you may need to wait another couple of days before trying to remove the nails again. You can try soaking the nails in hot water before trying to ‘lift’ the nails off. The hot water will not ruin the finish on any of your TL nails. If the glue is still holding them on firmly you can simply cut the tips of your TL nails off and soak in acetone before trying to remove. Note that this process will ruin your TL nails – not your natural nails.

Teddy Tip 10

If you want to change things up a little, why not customise your TL nails by painting over them with your favourite nail polish! When you want to revert to your original TL nail design, simply remove the colour with nail polish remover – super easy! Note that this is not recommended for the Glitter, Jewelled, Matte or Chrome TL Nails as the nail polish remover will damage these specialised finishes.

Teddy Tip 11

Mix and Match! If you have left over nails you can use them to create any combination you want with other sets of TL nails. Get creative and post your images, we’d love to see them!