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Frequently Asked Questions

What are TL premium fashion nails? 

TL nails are individually designed premium quality, pop-on fashion nails that are NON-DAMAGING and provide an instant manicure without having to visit the salon. The nails are applied directly to your natural nail with our special TL non-damaging glue and can be applied with varying wear times. Each nail can be removed, re-applied and customized unless otherwise stated.

Are they reusable?

YES! The fantastic thing about TL nails is that you can re-use and re-apply the nails if you want multiple short-term wear uses. You can choose to wear for one night and re-apply next time you have that special night out or maximise the 10 day + wear time. And you don’t have to wait to revisit the salon if one pops off early! No more hiding your hands when you’re missing that one nail…

What does each kit contain?

Each kit comes with 24 nails in total, 12 sizes for each hand, as well as our non-damaging TL glue, instructions and a small nail file/buffer if you want to re-shape your nails.

Will they fit my nails?

Yes! We have specifically included 12 different universal sizes of the nails for each hand to ensure every woman will be able to fit at least one full set of 10 nails – with 14 backups. Some people will be able to use two full sets of nails from one packet – dependant on the size of your nail bed. TL Nails can be customised to fit your natural nail by simply filing the sides and length to suit, using the nail file included.

How do I apply TL nails?  

Select the correct size TL nails that fit your natural nails. Ensure your natural nails are free of any oil and are completely dry prior to applying. For 10 days + wear, place enough glue on the false nail to cover your natural nail. Then apply a thin layer of glue to your natural nail for optimum wear. Wait 6 seconds to let the glue get tacky and starting at the cuticle, press the false nail on and hold for 15-20 seconds. For shorter wear time, apply less glue – simple!

For full application details and video instructions see our Teddy Tips page.

How to re-apply TL nails

As per the normal application process, place glue onto the back of your TL nail and a dot directly on your natural nail and hold in place for 15-20 seconds.

How to remove TL nails

Once the natural nails are nearing the end of their wear time you can gently lift the nails off where the glue band has started to wear away. Alternating from each side of the nail, gently start to lift the edge and the nails should ‘pop off’. DO NOT FORCE THE NAILS OFF! If needed, soak the nails in hot water for 60-90 seconds to soften them and try the ‘lifting’ process. (Make sure the hot water is hand bearable). You can also soak the nails in acetone-based nail polish remover before ‘lifting’. Note: if acetone is used on the nails this can damage the coatings and any effects.

For full removal details and video instructions see our Teddy Tips page.