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Product FAQ

Will these damage my own nails?

The answer is no. Our glue is specifically designed to dissolve as you wear the nails so there is no damage or glue residue left on your nails when removed correctly. You can apply differing amounts of our non-damaging glue which gives you the ability to select your own wear time. So long as the nails are not forcibly removed then there will be no damage or residue glue once removed.

See our Teddy Tips page for information on different wear times and how to apply the glue accordingly.

How durable are they?

Extremely! If you are wanting to have your set of nails last for 10 days or more, apply the glue generously according to the 10 days + wear time on our Teddy Tips page with proper application. You’ll be able to get on with your day-to-day life and complete all activities and tasks as you normally would! Our nails are specifically designed and created for the everyday woman from a working professional, to a personal trainer, or a busy mum. The nails stay on even in water so yes, you can wash your hair every day or go for a swim! The tube of glue can always be brought along in your handbag or purse in case one pops off as well as any back up nails.

What is the deal with the glue?

Our glue bonds just like an acrylic but is non-damaging. If you apply more glue, the nails will stay on longer, apply less glue to shorten the wear time. The glue starts to break down over the wear time leaving no damage or residue.

My nails haven’t stayed on for 10 days – what now?

Don’t panic! This may mean you didn’t originally apply enough glue or apply the nails correctly but since our nails are completely re-usable you can easily use your tube of glue to re-glue any nails that pop off. There are also plenty of back up nails in the packet which can be glued down in place of the lost nail at any time. We guarantee our nails last for your desired wear time so long as the correct amount of glue is applied! If you are still having issues, please see our Teddy Tips page for more helpful information.

What do I do if my nails won’t come off?

Never forcibly remove your nails! This could leave minor damage in worst case scenarios if the correct steps aren’t followed. Usually this would only occur if you try to remove the nails prematurely before the glue has had time to fully break down. If you over glue the nails when applying, this is no biggie it just means that the nails will stay on longer than your intended wear time. We recommend leaving the nails on for a further couple of days before attempting to remove them again. Please see above for removal instructions or Teddy Tips for other alternatives.

Are these animal-friendly?

These products are vegan and cruelty free – we do not test on animals. They are recyclable and are made in our overseas factory with excellent labour conditions. Our founders visit our factory at least once or twice per year to inspect the products, the working conditions and meet with all ground staff involved with the manufacture process. This is something that is very important to us at Teddy Lane and more information can be found on our TL Story page.

Can I customize my TL nails?

Yes you can! You can paint any nail polish colour over your TL premium fashion nails to achieve a new look, unless otherwise stated. Painting over any matte, chrome or special effects nails will damage the original TL design.

Can I shorten my TL nails?

Absolutely. Just use a nail clipper to trim to the desired length and then file edge to a smooth finish using the nail file/buffer included in your kit. 
Note: Filing any Matte nails will damage the seal and can cause peeling.

Do I need to do anything different with special effect nails?

No. Although some special effects may not last as long such as the Matte finish. Also beware not to use fake tan with the light Matte finishes as this can cause staining.

What ingredients are in the glue?

Ethyl cyanoacrylate, polymethyl, methacrylate, BHA, CI15850

Can I return my TL Nails?

Due to NZ Health and Safety regulations we are unable to accept returns or exchange product. If you have received a faulty product please contact us via our Contact page with your order information and a photo of the faulty product and we will send you a replacement product as mutually agreed.

Where can I buy my TL Nails?

You can currently purchase these from Farmers Nationwide and through our online store. 

I have some nails left over – what do I do with them?

Get creative!  You can put together any left-over TL nails to create your very own individual look. Take pics and post them for other Teddys to see how fab they are! Don’t forget to tag us in!

My TL Nail is out of stock

From time to time we may be out of stock of your favourite style due to high demand. If this is the case be assured that we will have this on re-order. If you would like to be first in line to make sure that you don’t miss out when they are back in stock, just place your order as you normally would, and we will automatically put you on back order for that product and will advise you when its on its way to you! We will also update our Teddys on Instagram when a style is due back in stock. If we are not repeating a style, we will have this clearly notified.

Limited Edition releases

At various times we will release a specially designed Limited-Edition TL nail, sometimes this may be to support a charity. These styles will only be available for a limited time or until sold out and are unlikely to be repeated so you will need to get in quick to avoid disappointment.

Why am I being charged in NZ dollars?

When you are browsing our website, your local currency will automatically be shown, once you have selected this. During the payment process you will be charged in NZD as our bank account can only receive New Zealand dollars. Your credit card company will convert this, and you will see the final charges in your local currency on your statement.